UNICEF NFT brings Internet connection to children around the world

UNICEF NFT brings Internet connection to children around the world

The United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF) has announced its largest-ever NFT sale. The proceeds will help provide impoverished youth around the world with internet access.

In January, a collection of 1000 NFT "Patchwork Kingdoms" will go into the Ethereum blockchain. Each was designed with real data from the Giga project, a global initiative to connect all schools in the world to the global network. The images were also manipulated by data scientist and artist Nadieh Bremer to create a visually stunning collection.

Each NFT represents a snapshot of exactly where Giga has arrived in its initiative. A digital reminder of the progress of the project and a reminder of how much work still remains to be done, highlighting a Goliath task, the 1.3 billion separated children of the world with the latest high tech solutions like low orbit connect to. Satellites, machine learning, and blockchain.

The Patchwork Kingdoms project is a great collaboration between UNICEF, the Ethereum Foundation, Snowcrash Labs, CfC St. Moritz, Metagood and Wondros. Its premiere coincides with the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Children's Fund.

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