Vegas City Announces Fantastic Golf Course in Decentraland

Vegas City Announces Fantastic Golf Course in Decentraland

Ball and club enthusiasts have received a great deal of encouragement today, revealing that golf is coming to decentralized lands. Soon, players will have a real reason to don their golf-themed wearables and compete at the highest level.

Located in close proximity to the Sports Quarter in Vegas City, Decentraland is a fully playable golf course that allows eager participants to show off their putting skills for all to see. The first iteration takes the form of a traditional green, where players can test their skills in a calm and decentralized environment.

The mechanics of the game are similar to a disembodied racket, controlled by controlling the force and angle of the shot, while at the same time players have to adapt to the finely contoured terrain. However, as in real golf, obstacles tend to hinder progress.

This new Vegas City custom golf course will add a bright new dynamic to Decentraland's sports landscape and provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital, while also introducing an exciting new sports course and hopefully future competitions.

Like real golf, but without the inconvenience of going out, walking, and paying exorbitant green fees. And hopefully, at some point, a golf cart will add a little more chaos to the mix. Keep an eye on the Vegas City Twitter feed for more information.


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