Frahm Brings Metaverse-Compatible Frameworks to Improve Your NFTs

Frahm Brings Metaverse-Compatible Frameworks to Improve Your NFTs

Today, collectors spend incredible sums of money to acquire digital art. Thus, items can change hands for millions of dollars, and no one bats an eye. However, with owners showing off their incredible achievements across the metaverse, it's clear that something is missing. Items hang limp and lifeless, bare on the walls of virtual places, badly in need of an extra push to give them the status they deserve.

Frahm steps in to revolutionize Metaverse art

With this in mind, Frahm has come to celebrate the unsung heroes of canvas-based art. A crucial yet significant part of any exhibition, exhibit, or gallery. The main rectangular container, the humble but vital frame of the painting. This often-overlooked work of functional art is key to unlocking an image's true potential. Paraphrasing the great Van Gogh: "A painting without a frame is like a soul without a body."

Frahm believes that all aspects of the metaverse will be tokenized and tradable, bringing with it a host of new digital goods and lifestyle options. To support this and provide a suitable method of presenting art within the metaverse, Frahm is building a fully functional virtual picture frame platform.

Frahm Brings Metaverse-Compatible Frameworks to Improve Your NFTs

Therefore, their bespoke ecosystem specializes in exquisite 3D frames with exceptional detail, rendered by high-quality NFTs, designed and rendered by an expert team of artists and developers. These frames provide a home for valuable digital artwork owned by collectors around the world while pairing a rare frame with a highly coveted piece of art is likely to yield greater value than the sum of its parts.

The drop of genesis

To make this idea a reality, Frahm is preparing to launch his Genesis series. A limited collection of unique and highly coveted NFT frames that the world will never see again. As the highly customizable and infinitely more accessible virtual arcade prepares to overtake its real-world counterparts in popularity, the demand for the best containers on the blockchain will only increase. In the future, Frahm plans a series of framework-based collaborations and eventually the launch of its own native market and DAO governance system.

Frahm Brings Metaverse-Compatible Frameworks to Improve Your NFTs

Frahm is supported by an exceptional team of established professionals including a physical gallery owner, a true generative artist, and a talented group of full-stack developers. The future of digital photo frames is in good hands.


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