Metaverse Explorer: Exploring now the OpenSea Gallery in Decentraland

Metaverse Explorer: Exploring now the OpenSea Gallery in Decentraland

If you like NFTs, art and the color blue, I have the perfect place for you. OpenSea, one of the most successful NFT markets, recently opened an art gallery in Decentraland at -88.68. The gallery is located southwest of the city of Las Vegas in the upper left corner of the entire map. The gallery is located near the Chateau Santoshi Casino and the NFT Plazas Kiosk. OpenSea had sales of just over $ 3 billion in December alone.

The exterior of the gallery is a box-shaped blue-turquoise-green structure with a Roman theme. The entrance has two large doors and opens with direct access to the gallery floor. Two large Roman columns surround the entrance. A large OpenSea logo is displayed directly on the front and back above the entrances.

Inside the gallery there are mini pop-up digital art shops. There are sixteen in total, including Hackatao, Diego Rodríguez, and Loopbomp. The floors and ceilings have an identical blue-gray checkerboard pattern that persists throughout the building. There are four tall, winding staircases flanked by two tall floors. Right in the center of the building is a showroom with a large screen and seating.

I love the simplicity, uniformity, and color scheme of this structure. Personally, blue is my favorite color and the blue and gray tiles go very well with the turquoise. There is a lot of potential in this structure beyond holding exhibitions and art demonstrations. OpenSea could make a splash in Decentraland by hosting events, art fairs, community events, and live streaming in your gallery.

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