Politicians use NFTs to attract younger voters

Politicians use NFTs to attract younger voters

Nothing will make a person question their individual aspirations more than when a politician begins to do so. So it's a bit unsettling to hear that the US government has jumped on NFTs.

In recent months, US election candidates have embraced the novel method of using NFTs to raise political donations. These handy assets bypass traditional transparency laws surrounding funding, allowing politicians to raise large sums efficiently.

Last month, the unlikely-name Republican Blake Masters raised nearly $600,000 through an NFT campaign in which he featured artwork from a book he co-authored on startups. However, Republican Shrina Kurani was less successful. After declaring that “NFTs are our commodity”, he alone raised about $6000 through his tokens, while in Korea, presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung used NFTs to raise funds for the latest campaign of he.

The point is that politicians want to appeal to younger voters, and they think the way to do it is through NFTs, not understanding that the younger generation is smarter than they think and has become a cynical force. to consider.

NFTs, and cryptocurrencies in general, offer a method to donate anonymously to a preferred political party, while later being held responsible for legislating against it. These murky waters will require a bit of traversing. What the world really wants is NFTs from Hilary's emails, Donald's tax returns, and Andrew Cuomo's… oh never mind.


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