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The NFT LTD was founded in 2020 and was formerly known as NFT LTD Today, The NFT LTD is the number one news site dedicated to the growth of the NFT space and the Virtual Blockchain World. Our mission is to spread the related benefits of these exciting new experiences and technologies.

NFT LTD was originally founded to further support the Decentraland project with engaging, independent content as an alternative news source and voice for the community. The community should always be number #1.

Over time, however, the number of exciting blockchain virtual worlds to explore has also increased. Everyone has their own opinion of what a metaverse should look like and, as such, has an attractive set of goals and values ​​on which it can grow.

In May 2020, NFT LTD expanded its news coverage and education guide to include two more virtual worlds of blockchain; Cryptovoxel and Somnium Space. We believe in a large, interoperable, and decentralized metaverse that is easily accessible to everyone, and this change is the first step in achieving that goal.

The NFT LTD Kiosks

The NFT LTD has an unrivaled number of kiosks strategically located in the 3 worlds which enables us to help users navigate the world while promoting events and generating income from advertisers to NFT LTD and the Work that it does to reinvest and develop. for all affiliated municipalities. You can find more information about our advertising opportunities here.


We do not receive any funding and have no direct affiliation to any of the projects we cover at The NFT LTD. This allows us to write without prejudice or interference, to offer a new and independent perspective from all angles, for better or for worse and for all communities.

This website is funded through kind donations from our loyal readers, advertising and third party partnerships and affiliate links.


The information on this website has largely been collected from various social media and messaging platforms and is intended to be easy to digest, informative, educational and entertaining for the average user. * NFT LTD owns land in all 3 VBWs.

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